LQWD Becomes Key Liquidity Service Provider with New Partnership

March 19, 2024 – Vancouver, Canada – LQWD Technologies Corp., (TSXV: LQWD, OTC: LQWDF) a leading infrastructure and liquidity provider for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, as well as a holder of Bitcoin as an operational asset, is pleased to announce its partnership as a premiere Lightning Network liquidity service provider (LSP) for Amboss Technologies Inc. (“Amboss”).

Key Highlights

  • LQWD Technologies Corp. partners with Amboss Technologies as a premiere institutional Lightning Network Liquidity service provider.
  • Amboss offers specialized data analytics and products for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, including Magma and Hydro for market organization and liquidity automation.
  • LQWD to contribute an initial 10 Bitcoin in liquidity, with plans to deploy more throughout the partnership.
  • LQWD’s services include providing liquidity and earning fees for routing transactions on the Lightning Network.
  • CEO Shone Anstey emphasizes the partnership’s role in deploying company-owned Bitcoin to capture transaction volume and yield, while maintaining full control and custody.

“Partnering with LQWD ensures that Amboss’s global customers have direct access to institutional-grade liquidity for Bitcoin payments, allowing LQWD to generate additional yield through their nodes on the Lightning Network. Additionally, this partnership increases the supply side of Amboss’s liquidity marketplace, enabling LQWD to fulfill the market demand for Lightning Network liquidity” stated Jesse Shrader, Co-Founder and CEO of Amboss.

Amboss specializes in providing data analytics solutions specifically tailored for the Bitcoin Lightning Network and offers products to create an orderly market on the Lightning Network through Magma and Hydro that provisions lightning liquidity. Magma serves as a liquidity marketplace for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, while Hydro delivers advanced liquidity automation to attain seamless Lightning Network payments.

With the escalating demand for both Amboss products, LQWD is positioned to play a pivotal role as a key institutional liquidity provider. As part of this partnership, LQWD will launch an initial tranche of 10 Bitcoin worth of liquidity to Amboss and deploy additional Bitcoin throughout the partnership. Amboss clients will acquire this liquidity from LQWD, with the latter retaining an initial fee and an additional fee for routing transactions over the Lightning Network.

Shone Anstey, Chief Executive Officer of LQWD, states, “This partnership enables LQWD to deploy more of our company-owned Bitcoin while potentially capturing significant transaction volume and generating yield on our Bitcoin holdings. Importantly, we maintain full sovereignty and custody throughout the process. This strategic alliance signifies a significant step forward for both LQWD and Amboss, as we work together to enhance liquidity and efficiency within the Bitcoin Lightning Network ecosystem.”

About Lightning Network

Bitcoin Lightning Network is a payment layer for the internet. LN leverages the power of Bitcoin’s supreme trust protocol, which facilitates instant peer-to-peer transaction faster than any other payment rail. It is reported that LN activity has increased by 1,200% over the past two years with participants such as MicroStrategy (MSTR) driving adoption and developing enterprise grade LN tools for business, taking advantage of the unmatched capability of the network.

Most recently, LN announced the integration of stable coin transaction capability, which opens LN to a much wider user base. Furthermore, many of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges are integrating LN into their platforms as well as forward-thinking global business as LN transacts dramatically faster and cheaper than current payment rails such as Visa and Mastercard.

About LQWD Technologies

LQWD is a Bitcoin Lightning Network Liquidity Provider focused on developing payment infrastructure and solutions accelerating the global mega trend of Bitcoin adoption through the Lightning Network. LQWD also owns Bitcoin that is used as an operating asset establishing nodes and payment channels on the Lightning Network.

About Amboss Technologies

Amboss is a leading provider of payments operations for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, using machine learning to offer optimized routing and tools that redefine decentralized finance. Amboss supports businesses and consumers in improving connections and payment routes based on cost, reliability, or reputation as well as enterprise-grade risk management. Amboss operates Magma, the leading marketplace for lightning liquidity and non-custodial yield.

For further information:

Ashley Garnot, Director
Phone: 1.604.669.0912
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.lqwdtech.com
Twitter: @LQWDTech

Forward-Looking Statements

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