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Bitcoin Payments Powered by the Lightning Network

LQWD Technologies Corp. provides an opportunity to participate in a unique and important technological advancement in the financial market, bitcoin as an asset, and Enterprise grade Lightning Network infrastructure.

Why Invest in LQWD?

The Lightning Network represents a cutting-edge layer 2 payment infrastructure constructed atop the Bitcoin blockchain, which facilitates expansive and immediate payments with tremendous scalability.

Stock Information

LQWD is the first publicly traded Bitcoin Lightning Network company

Bitcoin and the Lightning Network as a Global Monetary Network

We see Bitcoin and Lightning Network as the largest and most secure decentralized monetary network in the world – enabling seamless value transfer across the globe. It does it quickly, efficiently and at minimum cost. LQWD’s growth strategy is to secure a significant presence on the rapidly growing Lightning Network to secure future fees from transaction volume. We see Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

Our Products

Highly Scalable Revenue Model

As Lightning Network gains adoption and transaction volume increases, the routing fees are also anticipated to scale alongside the growth of the network.


Believers with Experience

Bold, passionate and with genuine team chemistry: committed to building real value through each stage of growth.


Our Latest News

July 24, 2024

LQWD Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement to Excel Bitcoin Lightning Network Operations

July 10, 2024

LQWD Updates Bitcoin Lightning Network Operations

May 1, 2024

LQWD Updates Bitcoin Lightning Network Operations

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